Who are we

Principal Consultant - Jacek Krawaczynski is a chartered engineer with over 25 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry focusing primarily on custody transfer and allocation measurements of oil, gas and LNG. Jacek’s skills include:-
     > Management of multi-discipline technical teams
     > Working with people at all levels in an organisation
     > Interim Management
     > Experienced negotiator in delivering of commercial agreements, both buyers and            sellers’ perspective, managing interests and resolution of disputes with oil and gas          operating companies. 
     > Technical authority role for ensuring compliance in routine operations and for                  support in brownfield/greenfield projects.
Jacek’s experience and skills were developed from working in downstream (gas distribution networks), midstream (gas purchase contract management, LNG cargoes, audits) and finally working for an upstream operator in the oil and gas industry.

Jacek is listed on the register of the Independent Technical Experts held by the Joint Office (gas governance).  Jacek's CV is available on request

JK Consulting has access to specialist resources through associates which results in many years of accumulated knowledge and experience to benefit your business.

This allows JK Consulting to provide specialist resources for all aspects of flow measurement support, for the whole flow measurement system life cycle, as well as operational support, system upgrades and meter re-sizing. JK Consulting also provides support for production reporting and allocation via hydrocarbon accounting solutions (both bespoke and Energy Components).

Finally JK Consulting can provide resources for validating gas chromatograph. performance and gas chromatograph upgrades.